Ten Essential Tips on What to Eat and Avoid at the Airport

If you’re a traveler, you probably know by now that an airport isn’t the best place to grab some grub. But if you’re running out of time to get some food elsewhere, you are left with no choice but to buy something at the airport before you fly. In this article, we are going to share ten essential tips on what to eat and what not to eat at the airport. Let’s begin!

  1. Bring Your Own Food
  2. Probably the most basic tip which is a no brainer is to pack your own meals before flying off. Not only it saves you cash, but also time as well from finding something to eat inside the airport.

  3. Eat Just As You Would Eat at Home
  4. Why spend wads of cash on sugary high-calorie inducing pancakes or pop tarts when you can change your mindset into eating like you would at home. Stop settling for those mouth-watering expensive meals and find pre-packed ones that won’t break your wallet.

  5. Long Flights? Pack Sleepy Snacks
  6. Unless if you’re the master of sleeping that can put your body to rest in a matter of minutes, it’s better to pack some sleepy snacks with you especially if you’re traveling on long distances. Dried Montmorency tart cherries can help you get your much-needed shut-eye inside the plane so don’t forget to bring some.

  7. Increase Your Protein Intake
  8. Probably the culprit of your sweet-devouring cravings is the stress of traveling. So before anything else, pack something that can make you full and satiated especially foods that are rich in protein. Such example is beef or turkey jerky paired with nuts. This duo can keep your hunger at bay while making you feel alive and awake throughout your flight.

  9. Starbucks is Your Friend
  10. Got no time to prepare such food? Find the nearest Starbucks and choose from their plenty of grab-and-go options. They also have protein-rich selections such as the Spanish and feta wrap or their delicious latte with milk for that added protein and calcium.

  11. Overload with Snacks for Long Flights
  12. Fancy staying awake during long flights? Then it’s better to pack some healthy snacks with you to keep your body active while you contain your excitement on your trip. Pack up on roasted nuts, fruits such as an apple or oranges, celery sticks paired with peanut butter, carrots, and protein bars.

  13. Bring Breakfast Items
  14. Staying on top of your health when it comes to food choices is a challenge while on the flight. So before anything else, bring a pack of unsweetened gluten-free oatmeal with you paired with a single-serve packed almond butter.

  15. Look for Alternatives
  16. If you like to devour on salty and unhealthy chips, then time to find good and crunchy alternatives instead. Opt for crunchy vegetables such as celery sticks and carrots. Or find healthier versions of crackers such as the Snap Peas, a snack pack that’s loaded with protein and fiber.

  17. Make Smart Food Choices
  18. Since the airport is not the best place to satisfy your healthy cravings, then how about trying to make smart food choices instead? If you have an apple with you for example, make it as a dessert instead of opting for sweet and sugary ones.

  19. Opt for Appetizers Instead of Full Meals
  20. Meals that are prepared at the airport are most likely made from poor-quality ingredients since they are limited in supply and the sheer physics of mass meal production. So instead of opting for full-loaded meals, choose appetizers and treat them as “meals.” It saves you from calories and cash, also leaving you light without feeling bloated while keeping you satiated at the same time.