How To Legally Download Free Movies And Music

As the web society grows increasingly more popular so complete businesses available attempting to SCAM you. I, myself have run across rather a number of these, particularly in the entertainment business.

As 2008 progresses, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of The MPAA and America) (Motion Picture Association of America) are cracking down and growing their enforcement. Whenever you download films and music for free over online you’re extremely risking a possibility of getting caught with quite a hefty fine. These fines are able to range anywhere from a hundred dollars fine and limited or maybe no online use for one year or even more, up to $250,000 facial for the “No Electronic Theft Act” for very first time offenders.

You will be curious about, “how likely could it be which I am going to get caught?” Well beginning in 2006 the feds began watching these free downloading websites and applications. Such as Limewire, Kazaa, Morpheus, and Bit torrent sites. The one thing about it’s, whenever you download one song from these free applications, during the download activity they will monitor you down by utilizing the IP address that’s connected to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). After which they are able to file a lawsuit against your ISP. So you need to be wary that although you believe you are not doing something bad, your ISP provider is definitely focusing on all you are practicing on the net. Especially the larger Internet Service Providers, like AOL, Verizon, Comcast… etc.

A recently available survey of teenagers found that eighty-seven % thought they must be penalized for illegally downloading copyrighted materials. Of that eighty-seven %, there was a selection of punishments they believed ideal for example going to juvenile hall to being exposed as a thief in their town.

Of these teenagers, sixty-five % of them found they download illegal music and films since they cannot afford to purchase them. Today you will find some very good programs you are able to apply to legally download music and films with a relatively inexpensive cost including Napster and Itunes that is approximately.99 cents per song. To Rhapsody that has a monthly fee of approximately $13.00. The problem with Rhapsody is the fact that these songs do not really download to your laptop, and with Napster and iTunes. Let’s say you would like 3,000 songs. Well, that can get very costly and pretty fast. Heck, who’s $3,000.00 for songs alone?

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